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2024 Pancake & Baloo + Henry too Calendar

2024 Pancake & Baloo + Henry too Calendar


2024 Calendar will be Back in Stock on January 9th! To be notified click "Notify When Available"


Not Guarenteed to be delivered by Christmas,

This calendar is extra special because it features Pancake and Baloo and Henry too. At least 2 months, including Henry's birth month will have our sweet Henry. It's really wonderful to see the three of them in one calendar. Thank you all for encouraging us to make this one, we're in love with it!


Every 12x12 calendar has Large Dates, Holidays, and Henry & Baloo's Birthdays too! Shipped in 100% recycled packing, including the tape and shipping labels.*International Orders: Shipping 2 calendars costs the same as 1, find a buddy + split shipping! We donate 5% of our revenue to help preserve land and protect wildlife.

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